Review of the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas – March 2017

Review of the Cosmopolitan


Intro: Here is the breakdown of our recent trip to the Cosmopolitan. Sidenote my son is 10 months old.

This was my son and Wife’s first trip to Vegas and hoped it would be the first of many!


The Drive over

We started our trip to Las Vegas at 6 AM on Sunday, which was perfect because there was very little traffic and the sun was just starting to rise around the horizon. Google maps said it was only about 4 hours and 30 mins.

One mistake we made was that we forgot to pack enough formula.  So before we left, I had to make an emergency run to Walmart to pick up more formula. The trip to Walmart ended up being a good thing since I purchased a new toy for my son to keep him entertained on the drive to Las Vegas.

For the most part, our son slept the majority of the time. Around two hours or so into the trip, we did stop to get gas, use the restrooms, and we ended up changing our son’s diaper and giving him a bottle of formula.  It was a nice, much-needed break for all passengers.  The grandparents were able to stretch their legs and walk around and my wife and I were also able to take care of our son’s needs.

We drove for another hour and 1/2 and arrived at the $0.99 store to get our mixers.Exact location 800 Buchanan Blvd, Boulder City, NV 89005 There was a lot of good stoner snacks my mom purchased since Asians just love good deals?


From there it was about 30 minutes until we were able to reach our hotel. The valet situation was pretty seamless; a bellhop collected our bags and I gave the car keys to the valet and he gave me a ticket.  Once we got inside we discovered that the checking area was crazy busy for a Sunday.

Turns out that it was the beginning of the week for March madness so almost all the rooms were sold out.After about 20 minutes of waiting in one of the several lines, we finally got to the front and I attempted the tipping trick of sandwiching $20 with my ID and credit card but the employee at the desk did not take the bait. He said that he could upgrade us for an additional charge of $35 per room per night to get a Fountain View.  We were already booked for rooms with the City View.  Since this was my wife and son’s first trip to Las Vegas and I figured that they would probably love the fountain view, I went ahead and paid to upgrade the rooms.  Our room was approximately 640 square feet of modern, elegant comfort.   The view was spectacular.

We did request an extra refrigerator for the room so we could store our son’s food; the refrigerator was free of charge so definitely a great value and worth the request. The employee at the front desk did mention that all of the drinks and snacks in the refrigerator that was already in the room were on a weighted scale so if anything was moved or nudged then we would be charged.  Seemed a little bit slimy to me, but I joked that we could possibly try the Indiana Jones method if we wanted to get feisty.

Cosmopolitan is one of the top three ranked hotels in Las Vegas. The Marquee nightclub is probably only second after the Surrender at the Wynn if you are a partier or decide to dance the night away. I have been there and my single days and would recommend anyone dressing in a suit to ensure expedited entry. Plus you can get in with your hotel key card no problem. We did not go this time but maybe in the next couple of trips.

The gambling scene here is quite modest but nice. I did play some blackjack for a few hours and did notice the dealers here were the nicest I have ever met.

It wasn’t until later that we discovered that we should have packed dish soap and a brush to wash our son’s bottles.  My wife ended up using hand soap and baby shampoo to clean the bottles as she did not have anything better to use at her disposal.  Our son seems fine and did not get sick, but we both would have felt better had we packed the right cleaning supplies in the first place.  The Cosmopolitan did provide us a crib and a little baby kit (including baby shampoo, powder, and a rubber ducky) free of charge, which was very nice.



For dinner that evening, the grandparents, my wife, son, and I all went to the Wicked Spoon Buffet, which I purchased a two-for-one coupon off ($49 value) of eBay. All I had to do was get a redemption ticket from the identity membership desk downstairs to have it validated. The identity membership is like the players club where they will give you some discounted rooms food and stuff like that as much as you bet.eBay. All I had to do was get a redemption ticket from the identity membership desk downstairs to have it validated. The identity membership is like the players club where they will give you some discounted rooms food and stuff like that as much as you bet.


The buffet was very good here. It was not too busy since we went the last hour of the night.  The food was pretty fantastic; I would highly recommend the frog legs!

Travel Hacker tip: Someone once told me that you could buy the buffet right at the end of lunch and then basically eat for an hour or two and then they will start bringing dinner food out for you to try.
After dinner, we all went back to the room to wind down a little bit and we decided to take a step out onto the balcony with our son.  When we went out onto the balcony, we noticed a very pungent weed smell. We quickly brought our son back inside. I was pretty disgusted with the fact that I paid to upgrade the rooms for my son’s benefit only to have to keep my son off the balcony due to the very strong weed smell.

Fast forward to the next day (Monday)… Cosmopolitan has this AI component called “Rose”  to help you out with anything that you need. (picture)

I had a quick little discussion with her and asked to speak to a human; someone called me back within about five minutes. I complained about the weed smell and they offered to give us a different room, but it would be the same room on a different floor which would hinder the connection between my parents (who were on the trip to help with our infant son) which were currently right next-door. So we decided to stay. They said they would call back later to see if there’s anything else they can do to help out with the situation.

When they called in about three hours, they offered to change our room again. I declined and then I asked to see if they could waive the upgrade fee which they agreed upon and also gave us a $75 food and drink credit to the hotel! Good deal!

More Food 
My parents, wife, son, and I then walked to the Bellagio to partake in the Lunch Buffet. I used the 2 for 1 My vegas deal for a $28 value. I talk more about my vegas app in an upcoming post. The food at the buffet was great and the desserts were out of this world! Service was kinda crappy, they sat us in a little corner away from everything and the waitress was somewhat snarky towards us, perhaps because we had a baby with us.
Afterward, we walked around the Bellagio after lunch to burn some more calories.  We also looked at the Aria and the Vdara hotel as well. The architecture of the Bellagio is beautiful in a classic, romantic way, which definitely entices me to stay at the Bellagio next time we return to Vegas. My wife and mother especially loved the Fresh Flower exhibit at the Bellagio’s indoor botanical garden.  The exhibit was beautiful and complementary.
We did have to get my son a Bellagio Bear since he was so well behaved.

Both days, My wife and I did hit over 15,000 steps a day which was a good workout in itself burning off all of these buffet calories.  We did work out at the Cosmopolitan gym which was very nice had about 20 different cardio machines, three different rooms, some kettle bells, free weights, box jumps, and a punching bag. Top-of-the-line equipment.

We did attend the Beatles Love Cirque de Soleil show and go in depth here with the secret to the best seats.

I did take a look at the pool during the daytime to catch some sun since the main pool was closed.   I was only able to go to the Boulevard pool which had a great view but was pretty jam packed.

For our breakfast the following day (Tuesday), we used our $75 credit to purchase everyone breakfast at the restaurant called Egg Slut which had a rather small menu, but the food was delicious and well-prepared.  It was clear that the focus was on quality rather than quantity.  My mother was very interested in the history of this restaurant and shared with us that Egg Slut started as a food truck but eventually became a restaurant here.  We were all very satisfied with the food, everything was delicious.  The signature dish, egg slut, was a poached egg on top of pureed potatoes in a jar; it was exceptional!


Checkout was pretty simple.  I called the bellhop to come at a specific time to pick up our bags.  I checked out over the phone once our bags were picked up.  We then had the valet bring my car around and they helped load the bags into the car.  Once the bags were packed into the car and we were all packed in the car as well, we were quickly back on the road and on our way home.
Overall the trip was great for our first time in Vegas with a toddler. We would definitely come to the Cosmo again and they could recommend that it is a great place to take a baby without running into any troubles. We probably would not take him to some of the fancier restaurants until he got a little older but the buffet would be perfect.
 Overall Reccomendation:
Hotel 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5/5 A new favorite!