Drinking on a budget!

As parents we do need to allow ourselves to take breaks every now and again.  To preface, I do not condone getting drunk while watching your kids.  However, when you have your child’s grandparents traveling with you, they can watch him while you are free to go buck wild!  Here are a few of my tips on how to get “white girl wasted” on a budget.

First, You will head over to either Bev Mo or Total Wine and More (or both!) to pick up a nice vodka, whiskey, and tequila.

My family and I are starting out our trip from Arizona so we will head up the US-93N for about 5 hours and will eventually turn onto  at 800 Buchanan Blvd, Boulder City, NV 89005

The key is not to have to spend money on purchasing any mixers there.  Once you head to the 0.99 Cent store you will find a huge array of beverage mixers to choose from so all you need to bring with you is an empty cooler (the one we have) with liquors in the cooler, unopened. You and I both know that you did not want to be the a-hole that buys $17 Jack and Coke at the Marquee Club.  Here’s a picture of my friend taking a picture of a $9 bottle of water, isn’t that just obscene?

The steps are to get a few bottles of liquor from bevmo, total wine + mixers from 99cent store which is 20 minutes from the strip and then you can drink in your hotel room.  After that, you are free wander around the town with an open bottle because of their alcohol policy. If you want to get drunk at a restaurant or even a few drinks while gambling you should not be too upset, because you will know that you drank a majority of the liquor in your room.   And, of course, it’s all about saving $$$.


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