Review of New York New York Hotel June 2018

Here is my Review of New York New York


I’ve never stayed at the New York New York hotel in the past and my expectations were honestly quite low, but to my surprise, it turned out to be a fairly decent hotel. I arrived to the hotel at about 9 AM on a Wednesday.  The lobby was fairly small – I’m going to assume it probably a real shit show on busy weekends, but I was there on a Thursday morning so there was no line and it didn’t take long to check in.  I figured I would do my discounted sandwich trick where you would put the tip inside of your driver’s license and a credit card in the middle. I asked if there were any complimentary upgrades and if my room would be available. The front desk person was pretty nice and said that she would contact the m-life desk to see if there were any comps they could offer since I am a pearl number. She made a quick call and was able to get me into the next room of which is a Madison Ave room, a step up from the standard room! And it was ready right away (9AM!).  The sandwich trick works, especially when you add in a smile and good manners.

Chin Chin

I checked out the Sushi place, Chinchin, the perfect spot to satisfy my late-night sushi cravings.  I sat with a sushi bar right in front of me where the chef was a pretty friendly dude.  The service was excellent and the sushi was very fresh and expertly prepared. Unbeknownst to me, this is one of the many highly rated restaurants found on trip advisor!   You would never know that it is located inside the New York New York.

In general, the location of the hotel is great because it is right next to the Park MGM hotel, which has a huge outdoor area where you can experience live music.  I definitely recommend staying here to get the ease of access to that area.

Tom’s Urban

Checked out the restaurant Tom’s urban with some friends and they had great drink specials, but when they start to get busy they were vastly understaffed and took forever and a day to get our check. Food portions were small, so I would only recommend coming here for drinks if you would like to visit.

I went to the Excalibur buffet because I had a 2 -4-1 deal on my Vegas app and was pleasantly surprised at the selection of foods. This buffet wasn’t as ghetto as I was expecting and would definitely come here with kids as it is spacious and not as distinguished as let’s say the Bellagio.

Coyote Ugly:

Another location I would recommend you definitely check out is the Coyote ugly bar on the second floor. The trick is to arrive there before 9 PM to get a stamp on your hand and then come back much later so you don’t have to pay the $10 cover that is required later in the night. I don’t know why there were a lot of negative reviews on yelp and trip advisor but from what I can tell it seem like a pretty cool hang out and the mix of men and women was about 50-50. I chatted up the bouncer guy for a little bit and he seemed pretty funny making fun of the waitresses singing skills. When I entered the bar, there was one coyote talking to the crowd handing out shots but they also have to juggle the guidelines for the bar making sure people don’t get too out of control. I was only there at about 8:30 PM So I was yet to see if it was super crazy later on at night but I can imagine it would be a much busier atmosphere. I would definitely go back and get your drinks in by 9 PM so you can take advantage of their happy hour deals

$5 blackjack

Another cool feature of the New York New York hotel was that they have at least two, five-dollar blackjack 24/7. The downfall is that they do not award you points on your players card when you drop down $100 to Bet. Not sure why that is but that is definitely the case.

Korean BBQ:

I met some friends at Gangnam Korean Asian BBQ. This location was authentic to the Korean BBQ restaurants in South Korea in that you get all the food raw and cook it on the hot plates in front of you. Another cool discount is that if you check-in on the yelp app they give you a free macaron. Trust me it is very delicious! ( I mean if you are stuck at home with Covid-19 now, you can get them delivered here )

I used this link to book my 3 nights:

I made the mistake of trying to charge gift shop purchases to my room, but it turns out the resort credit can only be used for food and beverages. Definitely come with your significant other so you can max that out really quick.


Overall, the New York, New York is a very decent hotel that exceeded my initial expectations. I would definitely return again and bring some more of my friends and family and show them a good time. It will not be hard to find a good discount on this hotel in the future.


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