Review of Mandalay Bay Hotel November 2017


My wife and I decided to go on another trip to Vegas for our anniversary and this time we are baby-less!

It is sort of weird to make a blog post on without an actual baby, but what the heck.

We booked for the Mandalay Bay reservations in about June 2017 with the special link here that gives us a $150 resort credit that we used on Food and Drinks: (looks to be active still as of this writing)

This was shortly before the big massacre of the shooter in October at the country concert. We were very much disheartened by this incident but insisted that we would keep our schedule as planned and definitely still visit Las Vegas and stay at the Mandalay Bay.

We flew in and took an Uber to the hotel but for some weird reason since we were at the airport Mccarran they charge us an extra $12. What the heck! For some reason, I guess the price was surging but did not show up on my app. I even asked the driver once our trip was done and the prices did not match. I quickly message to Uber and after about three or four messages back-and-forth they very reluctantly gave me some credit.

The front lobby area was very nice. We checked in and I pretty much forgot about the $20 trick because I didn’t have any cash on me at the moment so I asked politely for an upgrade and they declined. Strange since it was not a busy weekend.

We went to see Penn and Teller at the Rio but it was an awesome experience. The Rio is a decent hotel off the strip. The show was great, they even let some of the audience members go up on stage for the first part of the track we also got to meet Penn and Teller after the show because they were hanging out meeting the audience afterward.

My wife and I went to the Red Bar which is a Russian vodka place where they have specialty drinks and a separate area for the cold room of shots. We each had a drink and then we had a coupon from our Vegas companion book. And that extra free drink was super strong.

We did use some of our credit here at the house of blues were they had some live music playing. The guy refused to play Wonderwall which was my request. I ate a shrimp Po boy which was very excellent!

We had the buffet for breakfast one morning and it was just OK but nothing to write home about. We use my Vegas book for a buy one get one free buffet at Mandaly Bay and I would definitely say they lack of some selection. But the desserts were a little above average.

My wife asked to see the whole strip so we pretty much walked it all The way. We took an Uber from Mandalay Bay all the way down to the Venetian and walk back.

We initially wanted to go to the Venetian because it is connected to the Madame Tussauds wax museum. It doesn’t sound like too much fun but it actually was because they have made their walk-through thing a lot more interactive. They have a karaoke area with musical stars.

They also have a marvel sure 4-D show, at the very end which I highly recommend. It is a very good bang for your buck and you can get one of the two-for-one deals almost anywhere but we used another coupon from our Vegas book.

We didn’t go to that many fancy restaurants just because we were walking so much and wanted to see shows more than anything.

I did see Pete Rose again while we were walking around the miracle mile shops. No one in line sadly.

Also walked around the park MGM which does look good from the ambiance but still needs to build some more restaurants in the center.

Hotel:  (4 / 5) Pretty good hotel, lacked festive stuff for Christmas

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