Conventions in Vegas. Best or worst time to visit?

Conventions in Vegas. Best or worst time to visit.

I stumbled across this on accident but when I was trying to plan my next family trip coming up in June my mom and stepdad did not have only had a certain amount of days they could take off on certain dates. So when I search those dates and cross reference that with this link.

That shows all of the upcoming conventions and a number of attendees. Then you know if it’s a good time to visit or not. Also the factor of the busyness level.

So then I got to thinking a lot of these major conventions do you offer discounts to the attendees and exhibitors of the conventions. With my experience in the past, there really isn’t any verification online or in person at check-in. The prices were much cheaper around 30% off the regular standard rate. If you do a quick Google search you can come up with that easily. Here are some examples that I found.

The only caveat to this if you go during if you mention it will be much busier than normal but if the dates do not work out in your favor, then this is probably the best option saving a nice chunk of change.


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